1. The Streetwise and the Celestial, DK Gromov gallery, St. Petersburg, 2019

  2. The Passion, Erarta museum, St. Petersburg, 2015

  3. Navigation at Night, Italian Hall, the Academy of Arts, St.Petersburg, 2014

  4. Paintings and graphic works of Dmitry Margolin, Master gallery, St.Petersburg, 2013

  5. Personal exhibition, Florence, 2010

  6. Personal exhibition, The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, 2008

  7. Together and Apart, MART Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2008


  1. Sacral themes… Academic art… Artist’s path by Alexander Korolev

  2. Navigation at Night: sailing directions and maieutics by Ivan Czeczot

  3. The Streetwise and the Celestial by Alexander Borovsky More…

  4. The Bloodied Apollo: Painting’s Chaste Orgy by Ivan Czeczot More…