Dmitry Margolin: artist’s bio


Margolin Dmitry was born on July 12th 1982 in Leningrad, Russia.
1985-2001 – The Saint-Petersburg State Art lycee of Boris Ioganson associated with the Russian Academy of Arts
2001-2007 – The Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, fine arts department
2008-present – works as a teacher of painting, drawing and composition at the Saint-Petersburg State Art lycee of Boris Ioganson.
2009 – became a member of Russian Union of Artists
Personal exhibitions
2008 – ‘Together and Apart’ at MART Gallery, St.Petersburg.
2008 – personal exhibition at Theatre Academy, Pekin.
2010 – personal exhibition in Florence.
2013 – ‘Dmitry Margolin’s paintings and graphics’ at Master Gallery, St.Petersburg.
2014 – ‘Night Navigation’ at the Russian Academy of Arts, St.Petersburg.
2014 – ‘Passions’ at Erarta museum, St.Petersburg.